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  • The Escapist

    The beginning of the journey to another land.

  • Introduction to The Beginning of Something Great

    Hello, My name is Darrell Patrick. Let me take you on an adventure. An adventure that's eventually going to span across the globe. I could not have picked a worse time to start this adventure. An adventure that was meant to start overseas in China 2020, but was halted by unforeseeable forces. My reasons for starting this channel is many, but the one thing that stands out from the rest is, "I love food and travel", and honestly who doesn't? I have been leaving the country and my place of residence ever since 2011, a vagabond or nomad of sorts. I do not consider the place I lay my head home. If I did, then any place with 4 walls and a roof can be called a home, even without the bare necessities. I have traveled to New York, Jersey City, Chicago, Denver, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Benxi, Bangkok, Pattaya,and Paris. The list will only get bigger from here, and this reverent guide will assist you in your journeys. I would like to start by telling you all the success I have had trying to create something great and late on I will transition into the struggles. We begin this adventure in Colorado, Denver Colorado to be exact. Where many restaurants were fine with the idea of me scouting, but not so much on filming. The reasons were all too many. I am a no named person who no one has ever heard of, or let alone seen before. There is no reason for me to pretend as if my skin tone did not play a part in the rejections. Most restaurants wants to know, what you can do for them, and even after stating that, the excuses were tantamount. Many stating they do not need the publicity right now, we do not want the extra traffic to our store, we are short staffed, what are you going to do for the country of the people this food comes from, who are you again? I will not name the restaurants that said these things because its irrelevant to this journey. I wont disclose my thoughts on their food, because if I went there and it did not make it to this book or my channel, there is no reason to mention it. I will not make videos of a place where I thought the food was mediocre or not divergent, I would not like my name or the restaurants that rejected my offerings tarnished. Instead I would like to give you, the reader guidance to some of the greatest eats no matter where you are in the world. From beginning to end, how the channel began to the present where the channel currently is. Welcome to the first installment of Darrell Patrick's Worldly Eats Adventures. I hope you enjoy the story. Chapter 1: Stuck It began late 2019. I was just blessed enough to have an occupation where I make enough to support my hobby of choice. The anger and rage that pushed me to my current job is that same thing that pushes me to surpass it. Tending to transform into time, action, research and resolve. A pursuit of a greater thing that manifest into something that I'd like to call my own. This race, in pursuit of my own happiness. Is the Beginning of something I consider to be great and yet so far away. At the end of the year 2019, I purchased a BMPCC (Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K). The idea was to go to China and use it to film the amazing adventures that I have there with Tan Long. I made plan's with a few wonderful restaurant, to show mountains that look like they are on fire during that autumn months, the kindness a humble traveler received, the one of a kind food that can only be had in China, and the people I have met along the journey who I consider friends. I could not wait! I love the fortunate and nostalgic feeling I get while staying in another country and experiencing a different way of life, however; This was brought to a screeching halt thanks to Covid. Where did Covid come from? Who created it? I didn't care, all I knew is that I was stuck. Praying and hoping would not make covid vanish. My summers are often spent half way across the world, experiencing something unfamiliar to me, but covid has left me stuck. Stuck somewhere I had no intentions of spend my summer, filming in a place I had no intention of filming until a later date. So I did what any reasonable person would do. Nothing, sit, let the experts handle it and wait for it to pass, but it didn't. I did not get out of the country that year or the next few years. After a few months of being stuck in America, my anticipation for beginning something great lead me to take action. An action, I disagreed with but I came to the conclusion that something is better than nothing, and the experience is invaluable. I consulted with a few of my close friends regarding what I should do, what can I do because of the pandemic? The majority of the votes were, "Start here in America". Now I hear people say all the time that if you can not make it in the country you come from, you can't make it anywhere, which is a pretense statement. I say "if you can't make it in the country you come from, leave, because you can probably make it better somewhere else. The only thing that is fact is that you can't make it in your own country. Whats there to lose? You can also enjoy what life has to offer in a different part of the world. Having met several people who have done just that (Expats), I decided to try and start my channel where I came from. Currently, its turning out to be more troublesome than it is worth. I started my search using the internet. Looking for the best rated restaurants in the Denver area. I also had a colleague (Kenneth) assist in the search, after about an hour of searching we found about 10 restaurants, and only 3 made the cut. This is also where I learned about the Colorado five ( An elite group of chefs making food that revolutionizes modern cooking. After looking over the current cast of chefs, my mind began to wonder. Mainly because some of the restaurants owned by a chef or more on the website was a place I had eaten at in the past. I mean some of these were on major networks, food shows I grew up watching and me not realizing it until now. . There was one chef that caught my eye, and her name is Rebecca Weizman. She is the winner of Chopped Season 6 Episode 4 in 2010 ( and I was determined to film there. So I spent a lot of time researching the restaurant and the foods that they make. Most of their dishes are highly rated and they are well deserved. There were 2 restaurants; Ivy on 7th and The Logan Street restaurant, and right in the middle of the two is Carboy Winery, who makes some really impressive wines. Menus were created by none other than Head Chef Rebecca Weizman. You could easily spend your whole day on that one corner of the world. Stop at ivy 7th for a really unique breakfast. Take a wine tour and have a snack at the Carboy Winery next door. They also have wine tasting. Take a car ride to Golden Co and walk along the mountains, Inset Video loosen up before you eat the epic appetizers and dinner at The Logan Street Restaurant That is exactly what my video editor and I did. The flavors, the presentation and the the heart put into these dishes can be tasted. It was a dining experience I wont soon forget and one I would like to have again in the near future. Chapter 2 The Hunt I began scouting restaurants in April of 2021. The Denver area is brimming with one of a kind restaurants. I tried a few and never heard back from them. The rejections were many. Rejected at an Ethiopian, a French, a Greek, a Vietnamese and a German restaurant. I was rejected over and over again and realized I was not being true to myself. There food was not that good and it was not something I wanted to portray on the channel. So, I took my losses which I consider wins and moved on. During my search and feeling I was taking the wrong approach to this. I came across 5 amazing places that made amazing food that I would be proud to host on the channel. It came almost immediately after the rejection from the places mentioned above and they would be happy to have me. I ate at all 5 of these places and they were nothing more than magnificent, however; It was unbeknown to me that 3 of those places would need to be revisited at a much later date. If I will be able to revisited them at all. Anyways, those 3 places made it to this book. I did not put an episode out because of lack of material, but there food was too good to pass up. The company never told me any of the excuses I mentioned before. A change in staff delayed the filming that was planned there. I was forced to delay the filming. I am making plans at this very moment with the crew to go and visit those establishments again. Without further a due, let me show you the establishments that blew my mind on this wondrous adventure. Genna Rae's Wings and More, Los Cabos II Puro Peru and the 3 establishments owned by and attached to Carboy Winery. Ivy's at 7th, The Downtown Carboy Winery and The Logan Street Restaurant. Every place I just mentioned is a must visit if you are in the Denver area. What better way to confirm that the things written in this book are true. Sure, you can go and get a elk dog or a bison burger, but the real treat are the restaurants off the beaten path. Ivy's at 7th was first on the list to be filmed at. The menu has a lot of choices and I would recommend most things that are on the menu. I began by asking the GM if I could film my meal for my YouTube channel, which was given the green light. The rules are all the same in every place, Try not to film people, do not disturb the guest, and be courteous. We did light filming that day since it was my first time and I was not prepared. The fear of wondering what others think while I am filming was something that haunted an amateur like me. My video editor came along but the boost I needed was from a team. Since this was my first time being on camera, the video editor agreed to come with me and film so I could get some practice in. The GM dropped off a card asking me to contact Jason S since all 3 restaurants are under one umbrella and are located on the same corner, I wanted to make one episode about all 3. We began our mock run as unprepared as we were. You can probably tell from the videos that we are not. Someone once said and I quote, "Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance." The crew and I are all in training. Host, camera man, video editor and pr. I was sweating bullets and at the same time trying to create an image of myself, which was not going very well. Camera magic can do wonders, but when you have not done something like this before, it can be extremely challenging. Some time had passed and I reached out to Jason S as directed, Who offered me a tour of the winery. I gladly accepted. The video editor and I went back to the carboy facility to meet up with Cindy. She would be giving us a mock tour of the winery I felt like I lost a gem due to the rough. I wonder if I will find a breakfast joint in Downtown Denver with food half as good. The breakfast here was anything but average. The GM also left so we had to go thru the whole process again, which the crew and I were on other ventures. In pursuit of restaurants with really good food who wanted the attention. At the time Jason S seemed very excited that I wanted to film the 3 locations. I even wrote a script for it, which is something I am against, but to win there trust, I wanted to provide something tangible. this is all before Jason S left Carboy Filming was scheduled to start in late October of 2021. My crew and I had 3 months to prepare, so my next task was to tour the carboy winery and inform the crew of the layout. My camera man and I headed to carboy to meet Cindy, the GM of the winery who gave us a mock tour of the facilities. Place carboy video here After the tour was finished, concluded with buying a case of sparkling wine (we were compelled to stop at The Logan Street Restaurant, where the meal we ate was prepared by none other than Rebecca Weitzman, but first we needed a break. We decided to drive to the mountains to stretch our legs before scouting The Logan Street Restaurant for dinner. We drove to Golden Co. About 15 mins west of Denver. It had some very scenic views we thought we could use for the channel, but something about using the footage did not seem right. We did take the footage, but I was not sure where to place it in any episode. The mountains are quite the scenic view. It seems like everywhere in colorado has large crows of people and the mountains were no exception. Insert video here/edit with davinci I did reach out to a few wildlife enthusiast, but never heard back. I wanted to do a scene where, we hunted our food whether it be by fishing or by animal trap, skin, cook and learn how its done in the wilderness. I believe the cause for rejection was that I was a nobody to them, to everyone who rejected me in my pursuit of this channel. Before we were able to properly film this wondrous breakfast restaurant, and plan the return. I regret to inform you....... This screenshot was captured May 2022. Subject to change...........

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